Highly Impressive Websites

Websites created in
HTML or Wordpress

Modern and quick pages will be made according to your needs. From simple to complex constructions.

SEO optimized,
Mobile Friendly

Ranking of your website helps to be found in the internet first. All sites created  are mobile-friendly natively.

Unique Styles,
Elegant Logos

Select a theme and colors that suits you. According to your need costume made logos can be created flexible.

Customized websites to your need

HTML or Wordpress
Easy and Simple
www.michael-kurz.com website about photography

This is one my dedicated websites to photography only. The site is running on HTML and allows simple configuration without any database in the background.
The configuration on www.luxpictormedia.com is done similar but with different coding. Both sites are easy to setup and to administrate.

Enhanced and Powerful
www.kurzzeitnomaden.com travel blog and more

This is travel focused websites with lot of possibilities. 
The site is running on Wordpress with enhanced configurations and database. Including newsletter, galleries, contact forms, blogs, vlogs etc. Setup and administration of wordpress sites are more time consuming than pure HTML-sites.

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